Take to the skies

Shopping trips to Milan and Paris, reunions with family and friends in distant lands, surfing safaris, cultural getaways, they are all just a plane ride away. We can plan the perfect trip for you down to the finest detail. Let your dreams take flight.

Sail away

Let go of your daily cares and indulge in a luxury cruise. Whether you dream of sun soaked island escapes, Alaskan snowscapes or European vistas, we have a smorgasbord of ships and shores to choose from. Today's horizon is tomorrow's adventure.

Road tripping

Let us tailor make your trip. Drive a luxury camper van through the country of your choice. Explore the wine lands in Bordeaux, navigate your way from beach to beach in Florida. One windscreen, endless possibilities

Scenic Adventure

Slow down and watch the world go by on New Zealand's premier trains. Put your feet up, lean back and enjoy the breathtaking views from the comfort of your seat. Sometimes the journey is the destination.


Tuzza Travel aka Janine provided absolutely amazing personalized interest in ensuring our flights were at times that allowed for maximum touring and yet within my miniscule budget. Her follow up too when I changed things was amazing ‐ Cannot recommend her services enough!

Keren Holgate

I recently asked Janine of Tuzza Travel to assist me with my travel arrangements for a last-minute trip to Europe. Being a relatively seasoned long-haul traveller I have rarely felt the need to use a travel agent and would normally go ahead and make my own arrangements. However, on this occasion, not only did Janine obtain better priced tickets than I had managed to find but she then also proved to be of great value when I needed to change my return flights for unforeseen reasons and make a claim on my travel insurance. Janine is an excellent and highly knowledgeable travel connoisseur, who will make your travels a lot easier.

John Camilleri Independent HR & Employment Relations