Beaches to visit in Vietnam

Posted on June 9, 2016

Beaches to visit in Vietnam
When it comes to a beach holiday in SE Asia most people immediately think of Thailand. No question, Thailand has exceptional beaches, great exotic food and friendly people. But over the years, Thailand’s beaches have become congested, loud and expensive. Plus, there are daily reports of crime in Thailand. What most  people do not realize is that another lesser known gem in South East Asia beckons you. Vietnam is the perfect place to enjoy a beach vacation. Most people may not associate Vietnam with a beach vacation, but once you go there you will be pleasantly surprised how great the place is.
The only reason why Vietnam's beaches are not the obvious choice for most tourists, is because not much money has been spent on developing the countries tourismbrand.
Like Thailand, Vietnam has many beaches- in fact the entire eastern coast has hundreds of miles of unspoilt beaches which are just as beautiful if not more so, than the beaches in Thailand. As you start off from the northern coast of Vietnam and move south, the coast line has spectacular scenery that includes secluded coves, lagoons, numerous tropical islands surrounded by pristine blue waters and massive boulder formations. You can spend days soaking up the sun and then watch the stunning spectacular sunsets from almost any beach in Vietnam.
The other thing to note is that Vietnam’s beaches are unspoilt less crowded, the people are very friendly, the food and accommodation is relatively cheap and the weather is great all year round.
So where does one start?
Da Nang is the 3rd largest city in Vietnam but it probably has the best beaches in the country. For anyone who has never been to a beach in Vietnam, China beach (Non Nuoc Beach) is the place to go. With miles of soft white sandy beaches this place offers almost everything you can possibly want. From every type of water based activity, fishing, excellent Vietnamese cuisine and affordable accommodation, you can’t go wrong.
Lang Co is the place you should go if you want to avoid tourist and congestion. Located in central Vietnam, this place offers pristine blue waters, soft sandy beaches and leisure without any hassles.
Hoi An's beach called Cua Dai is the place you select if you love water activities. With hundreds of palm trees along the shore and plenty of food, this beach boasts some the best water sports in the country. The entire area around Hoi An is UNESCO protected. Besides the beach, you will get to experience Vietnamese culture.
Nha Trang was often frequented by the US soldiers in the days past. Today, it is a well-established scuba diving center and has more of an urban vibe. There are also several islands off the coast that you can visit. There are inclusive resorts all over this town but the place does tend to get crowded. Here you can get boating trips and get to taste some of the best fruit in SE Asia like pineapples, mangoes, durian and mangosteen. However, this beach is best not visited in the later part of the year, as the waters do get very rough.
Probably rated as the best beach in Vietnam, is Phu Quoc. It is simply perfect with its dense jungle within a few feet of white sandy beaches. Long beach (Bai Trong) is a seductive and sophisticated beach which spans the coast of Phu Quoc island. With its huge swaying coconut palm trees it is an ideal place for suntanning, swimming and watching the sunset. With its great tropical views of the landscape, this is the place to come to if you want to experience nature.
Ho Coc Beach, Ho Coc is 5-kilometer stretch of beach but has probably the clearest waters. Also located here you will find the Binh Chau Hot Springs, in case the seawater gets cold.
If you want peace, quiet and privacy, try Con Dao islands off the southern coast These 16 islands were once used to house political prisoners. But today, the place has become a tourist destination with a famed National Park renowned for its elegance and beauty. All the islands allow for snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming. There is ample marine life in the waters and diving is possible, 12 months a year.

One other heavy weight, which is quickly gaining prominence, is Mui Ne. This charming beach with its swaying palm trees offers serenity and peace, without hassles from locals.
Finally there is Doc Let with its magnificent mountains in the background and stunning beach. This is the place to come too if you want to get away from urban life. The setting is romantic and secluded. You can take a boat and explore the rugged caves in the morning and observe the splendid sunsets in the evening
Getting around
No matter which beach you go to, getting around in the local towns is relatively easy. The motorbike taxi is safe and very cheap. There are beach front cafes everywhere where you can taste local cuisine.
Vietnam's beaches are best visited in early spring to about mid summer (March to August). Vietnam can get hot and humid in mid summer. If you go after September, be prepared for the heavy monsoon rains and the waters can be rough.
Accommodation is available to suit all types of budget is available in Vietnam. But the best way to explore Vietnam is to come on an inclusive package- so you do not have to worry about anything- except getting there.


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