Pure Pods - accommodation with a difference!

Posted on August 8, 2017 in Luxury Travel

Pure Pods - accommodation with a difference!

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Sustainable Luxury

The PurePod is designed from the foundations up for environmental sustainability. Travel through a delightful nature walk to see your PurePod hovering above the ferns and tussocks. Discover your own isolated slice of Kiwi paradise, revel in the birdsong all day long. At night, explore the stars of the southern sky from the comfort of your luxury bed.

Why is it better than glamping? Because nature doesn’t get shut out. You are safe, dry and warm, you have a flushing toilet, an awesome shower and a kitchen – while totally surrounded by the best of Pure New Zealand.

Location Choice

With four different PurePod locations to select from, how to do you choose?

Good question! Each PurePod is set in a unique and secluded part of the beautiful New Zealand landscape, making it tricky to choose a favourite. Perhaps the answer is to include “PurePod-hopping” on your travel itinerary?

If you are travelling from the north, we recommend starting with 2 or 3 nights at either the Kahutara or Manakau PurePods, so you have plenty of time each day to check out all the wonderful activities available in the stunning Kaikoura region (whale watching, swimming with the seals, kayaking, hiking) before returning to the peace and tranquility of the PurePod each afternoon to enjoy a relaxed evening and a star-filled night.

Then, continue south down State Highway 1 for about 1.5 hours to the Greystone PurePod in Waipara, making sure you arrive before 4pm so you can stop in at the Greystone Cellar Door for a complimentary wine-tasting, before heading up to the PurePod to relax and soak in the sweeping views of the beautiful Waipara Valley. If you have packed your mountain bikes, then head out for a ride along the Waipara Valley Vineyard Trail, or perhaps a more sedate stroll along the walking tracks, or check out some of the local wineries, starting of course, with Greystone Wines!

From Waipara, continue your journey south on State Highway 1, perhaps stopping for a night in Christchurch if you need your fix of city life, before travelling on to the Little River PurePod on Banks Peninsula, about an hour from Christchurch (or two hours from Waipara). Arrive before 4pm so you can check out the local cafe and art gallery then head up to the PurePod to enjoy your evening, nestled into a patch of regenerating native bush high above the tiny township of Little River. You may wish to stay a couple of nights here, so you can include a day trip to the beautiful Akaroa township , a historical French and British settlement nestled in the heart of an extinct volcano. Perhaps, include a harbour cruise or kayak tour to check out the home of the rarest and smallest marine dolphin, the Hector’s dolphins.


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