South America – a land of colour and intrigue

Posted on January 30, 2016

South America – a land of colour and intrigue

Recently a friend and client travelled to South America to visit Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. These are some of the highlights of her trip.

Keep in mind that Air New Zealand fly to Buenos Aires 3 times a week and with all the action at the Olympics from 5 to 21 August this is a good opportunity to make plans to see a very interesting and fascinating part of the world.

Rio de Janeiro
- A tip: don’t drive here, use a cab, they give new meaning to bumper cars
- Local restaurants are cheap and chicken and chips, the order of our first night
- Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountain were both MUSTS as well as the wonderfully bohemian area of Lapa and its beautiful Graffiti.
- Iguacu – breathtaking falls
- Too soon we were off to Iguacu. These falls took my breath away. Beside the water drenching walk to see the falls the cruise underneath the falls was terrifying yet thrilling
- Highly recommend the Recanto Cataratas Hotel– Thanks Janine!

Buenos Aires

- Our stay in a welcoming self-contained flat in the Recolleta area
- Recommend a half day tour to get your bearings
- Cemetery at Recoleta and La Boca with its wonderful colours and obvious touristy appeal
- One day Gaucho tour to a ranch with barbeque, dancing, horse riding and music.

- Cable car to the biggest snow fields in southern hemisphere. Blessed with snow too!
- The self drive around the lakes and across the mountain was a top 10 for beauty and adrenalin
- From here we crossed over Cruce Andino to Puerto Varas and I can highly recommend this 3 lake, 2 mountains crossing for awe inspiring beauty and fun. Don’t let the price put you off.

- One day only in Lima but had chicken and chips in a Tuscan design restaurant with beautiful friezes on the wall.
- Next Cruz del Sur Bus Line to Nazca, value for money. Then the sand buggy tour, informative and fun, was the surprise here. The flight over the Nazca lines left us a bit queasy.
- Overnight by bus to Arequipa with full-on beds on the lower level. Arequipa
- A must-do tour to the Colca Canyon. Their motto is ‘No worries, be happy!’
- The famous Condor birds with their aeronautical display; descending 1200m into an awesome canyon.
- Cusco City is so welcoming. There are festivals, colourful, friendly people, interesting tours of ruins and oh such delicious fruit.
- Next morning by train to Machu Picchu was awe inspiring and another highlight. Coming back we treated ourselves to the Vistadome Train journey. On board we were treated to dinner and an interesting fashion show of top quality alpaca fabric and devil dancing!
- Next stop was Lake Titicaca. We decided to go with the Titicaca Catamarans tour which included 2 meals and a wonderful stop on the Isla del Sol as you cross the lake and then bus to La Paz. This island could be mistaken for an island in Greece.

- La Paz – A must see city even if it’s only to BUY BUY BUY! The prices were a whole lot lower than Cusco. While the people did not try and hard sell their wares the same way as the Peruvians, the city is one big supermarket!
- Salar de Uyuni certainly delivered –the world’s largest salt flat on an empty plain as far as the eye can see. Hotel de Sal Luna Salada was fascinating as everything is made of salt. It really did not disappoint.


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