More on the NZ Visas for South Africans..

My son is visiting me at the end of the year and of course is affected by needing  a visa.  So some questions I had when getting my last post together I have a few answers for.  So some Q and A's below I thought might be worth sharing:


However, as you remember in my last post it is a good idea to get hold of an Immigration/Visa Advisor and I can highly recommend NORTH SHORE IMMIGRATION who have a policy of paying forward, ie they belive that education and assistance to people neeeding documentation to visit NZ is vitaly important.   NORTH SHORE IMMIGRATION hold regular meets for newcomers,and educational talks.  They have helpful, friendly staff who are immigrants themselves so they understand the panic and emotional strain attached to visas.  Give them a call or email as below.  They have years of experience.

Tel : 0064 9 415 3392

Email :



Q and A's

For a grandmother and grandson travelling together, are they able to apply on one form. 

The  grandmother and her grandson are required to have individual forms, as the family applications are for a family, (father, mother and their children under 20 years of age).

In the case of my son and his girlfriend they will have to apply as individuals.


Can you advise cost of this from your side? 

There is a mandatory visa fee of ZAR 1750 and a VFS service fee of ZAR 528 that is payable per application.  A family application, ie, all on one form will cost the same.

Also do you have any idea how long this visa is going to take?   Apparently, an online takes a lot less time, have you any timelines for paper and online?

The process can take + - 25 working days and it is entirely up to Immigrations as to when they would release the passports as they are the ones who make the final decisions.  As this is a new process I have a few clients in the process and will let you know how long this takes.  Again NORTH SHORE IMMIGRATION have connections so contact them as above for more details.

Immigration do state on their websites that online applications are preferred, as these applications are submitted directly to Immigrations, but there is no indications at this stage how much quicker they are processed.

Another issue is that with a family applying on one application do all applicants have to appear at your office or can the documents just be couriered to yourselves?

It appears not so just have to courier details to them BUT do not include cash or original documents.  Keep you tracking number


Online applications – do applicants have to send their passport or just wait for it to be asked for?

Sometimes we may ask for additional documents or information to consider with an application. You may wish to send other documents or information so that we can consider it with this application. Send photocopies only (not original documents), as these documents will not be returned to you. If we need to see an original document, we will ask you to produce
it later.


So I hope the info about has been of great use to you all and happy travels.  Remember one mountain at a time!! Have a happy day!

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