So, South Africans need a visa for New Zealand! Well here is how to go about it!

As you have heard for travel after the 21 November all South African nationals will need to obtain a visa before travelling to New Zealand.  This is  how it was some years ago and we adapted, so once again we are going to adapt.  We are South Africans after all.

Applying online is often faster and less expensive than applying manually. You'll need to be applying for a visa available online, have a credit card ready and your documents saved electronically. So never fear, here are the steps :

1.  Have your passports ready, they should be valid for at lest 6 months after you planned return to SA.  A copy in PDF Format.

2.  A credit card for payment, cost NZD 165 per applicant on line. *****

3.  A photograph that is uploadable from a PDF format. Dont smile,hair behind your ears, against a white background, current and no glasses.  A link on how to take pics.

Probably get a professional to do this as a "no good" photo can hold up your  application.

4.  E Visa only apply per individual application.  *****

5.  Use this link      

6. Here you will be asked if you have an account or not.  Most likely you dont, so click on the appropriate box and you will be asked to create a login. Follow the instructions and be sure to give correct info.  Its all about  passwords/ security questions.  

7.  After your account is open you will receive an email for you to activate the account. You will then be asked to verify the account.  You account is now active.

8.  Now you can apply online using the "New Vistor Visa" box.

9.  Again enter all info truthfully and as accurately as possible.

10. Submission together with photos and passport and any other possible infor requested on the form. (letters from employer, house to return to etc)

11. The time it takes to issue the visa is about 20 working days, so allow about 6 weeks. This has be tested out so I will keep you posted.


***** Partners applying together or a famiy have to be done as a paper submission to the Embassy. 1 application form per family.  Here is the link for the forms and guidlines

This visa is to be applied for in person so an appointment has to be made with the company processing called VFS a link as follows:  All members of the application attend the interview in person.  To apply 

Cost per family applicaton NZD 165 until 21 November, after this NZD 184.  There is a additional service fee of ZAR 528 or NZD equivalent per application

If you apply online, you may be granted an electronic visa (or eVisa). An eVisa is a visa issued without a physical label.


Now as a disclaimer:  I am not an immigration advisor and have only tried to make things easy to apply for a visa.  We tend to think it is a TOO HARD basket issue, but I have tried to make it easier and give a basic  outline.  The onus is ultimately to double check on the NZ Immigration website so that you have all the correct info. The link

If you are unsure please contact a licenced immigration advisor or Immigration New Zealand.

All the best and just take it in your stride! One mountain at a time.



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